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[DPRG] How to get Linux onto a old small laptop

Subject: [DPRG] How to get Linux onto a old small laptop
From: Charlie W Youngblood chaz128 at juno.com
Date: Fri Nov 8 10:21:00 CST 2002

	Don't forget the parrallel port. You can hook up an external
Zip drive, cd ROM or both and still hook up a printer if needed. This in-
creeses storage capacity, although not as fast as internal storage.
Iomega has come out with an R/RW CDR, but I think it is USB connect.
Any way with a Zip drive you have 250 meg of storage at a time. I think
some one else has a parrallel CD R/RW, and that will give you the flex-
ability and storage capacity (750 meg) that you are looking for.
swap out the internal hard drive for a bigger one. Is it ide? I have
if you need one. I have an external parrallel cdrom that has gotten me
of some jams with some laptops as old as 386s. Hope this helps. :-)
	Charlie Youngblood
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>From: "Earl Bollinger" <earlwbollinger at attbi.com>

I have a old Itronix ruggedized Laptop. Pretty neat actually, has a mag-
nesium case, cushioned LCD panel, etc. Anyway they use a external
PCMCIA floppy disk drive and have no internal CD rom drive. You have
to use a PCMCIA external CD ROM drive as well. I may be able to plug
both the floppy and CD rom in at the same time as it does have two card
The trick is getting it to install Linux, the hard disk doesn't exactly
tons of space on it. Has anybody got any ideas on how to accomplish this
feat? Granted I can just put Windows 95 on it, but Linux would be nice.
I happened to notice that
subcategory=7 was still selling them too.
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