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[DPRG] DPRG Meeting Minutes for November 9th

Subject: [DPRG] DPRG Meeting Minutes for November 9th
From: Vicki Taylor Vicki.Taylor at Arch.com
Date: Mon Nov 11 11:08:01 CST 2002

There were 10 guests,  40 members, and 3 robots!

Ray Renteria did a demo with his robot, DAR1, on structured light vision
processing.    We will make available the Powerpoint presentation he did for
those of you that were not able to attend.   Very interesting information; I
look forward to a follow up demo (especially for those of you that missed
;).  Thank you Ray for coming up from Austin to present your ideas and
knowledge.  We hope to see you soon.

Michael Walsh, of Evolution Robotics, Inc., did a demo of ER-1.   He can be
reached at mwalsh at evolution.com <mailto:mwalsh at evolution.com>  for any
further questions you may have.   He also mentioned that there will be a
discount for the club.   We will have more info on the code and procedures
for taking advantage of this deal soon.   An invitation was extended to his
group to participate in the next Roborama, and they accepted.  It was
motioned and approved that the club buy a video for Michael to take back to
his colleagues to learn more about the contest.

BUSINESS:  Due to the exciting presentations, no business was discussed.
The vote for officers will be at the December meeting.   we need
nominations, enlistment of volunteers for next year's participation from the
list.   If there is anyONE interestED in being an officer please post to the
email group.   ALL volunteers are NEEDED!!   One other note, some of us are
going for drinks and robot conversing after the December meeting if anyone
else is interested in joining us. 

Bill James has volunteered his domain for our Christmas party.   I enjoy the
meetings, but they do not let everyone get to know each other on more
personal a note as say the RPL does.    If everyone will post if they would
be interested in a "get together" say during the late afternoon, a happy
hour, or evening time to let us get an idea of when more people can come.
Bill lives in west Plano (if that helps make the decisions easier-directions
later).   I understand the meeting regiment is wanted; however if you have
missed sitting down with members and relaxing over interactive robotic
brainstorming and conversing... YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

I would like to also mention that it would be nice to participate in this
event next year.   This is the festival that Robert Caldwell brought up.
See the following:  http://www.tech-fest.org <http://www.tech-fest.org>
Perhaps we could do a special contest next year (11/2003), a commitment for
the group to have everyone FINISH and PARTICIPATE in (Myself included! Gives
added motivation for those of us that lag behind the regular contestants).
Or even exhibit our first MicroMouse competition to be then.  We could check
with the Science Place to see if they will support us in undertaking some
sort of participation without the $1200.00 exhibitors cost involved.   I
would like to propose a motion for us to participate in some way during this

At the end there was a "Show n' Tell" by Ron  Palmer of his remote hover
craft.   This was very interesting for those that missed it; he will be
bringing it to next months meeting.   

Vicki Taylor

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