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[DPRG] DPRG November Meeting

Subject: [DPRG] DPRG November Meeting
From: Vicki Taylor Vicki.Taylor at Arch.com
Date: Mon Nov 11 13:21:00 CST 2002


I wanted to let you know what a good job you did on your demonstration at
the meeting.  I really enjoyed your talents at work.    It is always fun to
have meetings that tap into the knowledge of this club.   Let me extend the
clubs thanks in contributing agendas for attention-grabbing meetings.
Austin is bringing a lot to the "Dallas" robotics group; thanks for your
traveling up to join us.   We look forward to seeing you again, as well as
glad to have you as a member of our group.   May I say, the most interesting
men/people in "Dallas"; but guess I will have to say "Texas" (ok say
"global" for the infamous Mr. Ed, Kiwi and Stefano now).   Let us know when
you are ready to show your developments. 

Vicki Taylor - VP

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