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[DPRG] Bill Priest Inst.

Subject: [DPRG] Bill Priest Inst.
From: David M. ElectroTX at webtv.net
Date: Tue Nov 12 09:18:01 CST 2002

Hi gang,

As I was leaving the building after the meeting yesterday, I ran into
Alan Sosbe, the guy who lets us meet at Bill Priest. I said hi, and
asked him how things were going with us. To my surprise, he mentioned
that our meetings were about at the capacity that the institute could
reasonably accomodate. After talking more, I surmised that our noise
level wasn't a problem, but our sheer number of members attending was.
Already, I've noticed good parking is at a premium on our meeting dates.
I'm not trying to alarm anyone, but if we get much bigger, we may have
to rethink our position on this issue.  We might need whomever's going
to be our officers to discuss this with Alan early next year. Also, have
we, as a club, done much in our capacity as an advisory group to the
Institute? That may figure in...

Mi dos centavos,
aka David M.

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