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[DPRG] gearhead motor

Subject: [DPRG] gearhead motor
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at attbi.com
Date: Sat Nov 16 08:08:01 CST 2002

Well; "small", "numerous circuit boards", and a "big battery pack"; sort of
obfuscate the issue. What is "small" by your definition?
How much are you wanting to spend per motor unit? New they are very
expensive, surplus is a lot cheaper.

I would suggest you try Tanner's (http://www.tannerelectronics.com) and see
what he happens
to have on hand at the moment.
Altec Electronics typically gets motors in from time to time too.

www.robostuff.com has a nice gear motor that might work for you, plus a lot
of other thingies that might be of interest too.

If your looking for power, torque, and a heavy bot, then you need to look
for the Windsheild Wiper motor units, 12v lots of torque. Tanner's gets them
in Surplus a lot, a car dealer will be happy to order and sell you a pair
(usually $200+ each).

Another solution is to get a couple of battery powered drills, and hack them
for the motor,   gear drive unit, and chuck. A 1/2" drill comes all self
contained, you can chuck up the wheel shaft in it and your in business. Plus
you can change the motor speed or gear ratio as needed with the gear drive
(transmission) too. When you think about it the battery powered drill motor
units are the way to go.

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Subject: [DPRG] gearhead motor

I'm looking for a local source (Dallas area) for a high torque gearhead
motor running at 6 to 12 volts low rpm.
It's to run a small robot that would carry numerous circuit boards and a big
battery pack.

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