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[DPRG] Aviion Server - For sale

Subject: [DPRG] Aviion Server - For sale
From: Cynthia M. Rivers rivers5 at attbi.com
Date: Sun Nov 17 19:10:01 CST 2002

Parallel PortHello all,

I have one of the Data General Aviion servers, model 8500.  My priorities have changed, and so I would like to offer it for sale to the highest bidder.  Money raised will go to upgrading some of my video equipment.

Here are some specifics on the unit...  Please write if you have any questions.

The unit is 17 3/4" wide, 24 1/4" high, and 27 1/2" deep.
There are two processor cards, and two processors on each card.
The unit has 512K of memory.
The hard drive was recently reformated and Data General Unix (DGUX) loaded.  It seems to be functional, although I have not connected the ethernet cable to any kind of network.
A serial terminal and keyboard come with the unit for system console.  However, the server can also be controlled via a PC and a serial comm program at 9600 baud.
The unit has a CD ROM drive and (backup) tape drive.  The DGUX OS is supplied on CD.

Buyer must provide own transportation for server and accessories from my home in North Garland.

I will take offers thru the end of November.  I'll keep everyone posted as to the status.

Thank you,

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