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[DPRG] Accelerometer Questions

Subject: [DPRG] Accelerometer Questions
From: Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Date: Wed Nov 20 22:12:01 CST 2002

I also agree. Pressure is a direct function of depth in the case of
water. Acceleration is not a good indicator of depth. Moving forward
appears as acceleration (speeding up or down) and tipping will appear as
changes in acceleration, because of the orientation to the earth's
gravitational field. Good ol' Einstein taught us inertial acceleration
and gravitation acceleration cannot be distinguished, so you'd be very
unhappy trying to separate the two in a 3 axis free environment where
all the axes were in play.

That said, yes, we do have code for reading the ADXL202 for the


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Yeah I agree with Dan - go with pressure, especially since absolute
depth is so important in this environment.

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