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[DPRG] Pressure sensors (was: Accelerometer Questions)

Subject: [DPRG] Pressure sensors (was: Accelerometer Questions)
From: bill billa at longrange.net
Date: Wed Nov 20 22:40:01 CST 2002

That is a lot of stuff for just a click sound.
$0.50 Pressure sensor
$1.50 Processor 
$3.00 Battery
$0.50 speaker.
$20.00 case that can handle 300 feet.

Why not use the pressure change of the water to make the click's. ;)

Warning: Rube golberg thought.

Imagine a one inch thick by two inch round puck.

1. It has a small hole on one side and the other side has a rubber flap.
2. In the middle is a rubber diaphragm.
3. There are springs on both sides.
4. The pressure builds until a small magnet latch let's go which opens
 a larger hole to equalize the pressure.
5. The two latches could be tuned to produce a different tone.

I know it would take a lot of design work to make it real, however
sometimes it is nice to get out of the assembly code and think about
doing it in hardware. ;)

Bill, Arden (Embedded systems designer) http://www.soraca.com

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