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[DPRG] chip ID

Subject: [DPRG] chip ID
From: Sluggy slugmusk at linuxlegend.com
Date: Thu Nov 21 23:20:02 CST 2002

Hey, folks...

A buddy of mine is repairing a proprietary audio/video surveillance
system. The designer of the system is deseased and the company he
founded has dissolved. The system has a board for each channel and the
audio on some boards doesn't work. By swapping a particular chip from
known good boards to the bad boards, he has determined that the chip in
question is the problem.

It's an 8 pin chip, connected primarily to a speaker that I think is
also used as a microphone. He cannot cross over the number in any of the
standard guides and even searching on Yahoo and Google has not produced
a match for it. The chip has a logo on it that is a 'G' inside a square.
The only identifying number is "GC4130E". In substring searches, the
only semiconductor match I have found is the 2SC4130 transistor, which
is in a TO-220 package. There are various complete products with '4130'
in their model numbers, but 8 pin chips have eluded us.

In a desperate attempt to get it going, he substituted one with an LM386
audio amplifier just to see if that was it. It was not. At least that
did not destroy aything...

Any ideas?




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