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[DPRG] Fw: [The Robotics Club] Annual Robot Games And Expo - Sunday, December 15

Subject: [DPRG] Fw: [The Robotics Club] Annual Robot Games And Expo - Sunday, December 15
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Fri Nov 22 16:30:02 CST 2002

> The Robotics Society Of America Annual Robot Games And Expo
> Date: Sunday, December 15
> Time: Expo: 10-6 / Games: 12:30-4
> Where: Ft. Mason, Building C, San Francisco
> Cost: $5/adult, kids 17 and under free
> URL: http://www.robotics-society.org
> San Francisco - The Robotics Society of America (RSA) will be holding
> their annual Games and Expo at the Fort Mason Center Building C, San
> Francisco, California.  The event will be co-hosted by Roy Hellen,
> the famous bot wrangler from BattleBots and RobotCombat.com, and
> David Calkins, president of the Robotics Society of America and robot
> guest from TV shows on TechTV, Discovery, CBS, and others.  Proceeds
> from the event will help support the RSA's goals of robotics
> education.
> From industrial robots to combat robots, NASA explorers to tiny bots
> weighing under a pound, homemade robots to mass-produced robots for
> the home, the RSA Robot Games and Expo has it all. Come see hundreds
> of robots up close!   See demonstrations, displays, and a multitude
> of ingenious competitions.  Everyone, regardless of age, is
> encouraged to come and watch all the competitions, rent a robot for a
> short match, or bring their own robot to compete in the daylong
> activities.  The program will also feature robot related slides,
> videos, lectures, and other great events.
> People should not be discouraged if they don't have their own robots.
> People interested in competing or needing more information on the
> rules should visit http://www.robotics-society.org High Schools and
> Colleges are strongly encouraged to contact the RSA and build a robot
> for the competition. Sumo bots, Mindstorms bots, and Aibo performers
> can all be designed and built within a week or two. Help is available
> for students and teachers wanted to build robots for this
> competition - send e-mail to schools at robotics-society.org.
> Robots on display include BattleBots(r) and RobotWars(tm) builders
> and their robots (who will be signing autographs), NASA prototype and
> demonstration robots, including a mock-up of the Mars Rover,
> interactive and art robots including the works of Semen, OmniCircus,
> SRL, and other bay area roboticists; QBox mechanical and kinetic arts
> showcase; famous movie robots; and many home-built robots which will
> surprise and delight people with their unique abilities and widely-
> varying designs.
> Robot Demonstrations include NASA's FIRST Competition, BotBall
> Student League, and First Lego League - robots all build by junior
> high and high school students to solve complex problems while
> competing against other schools; ExploRobot - a robot built for the
> discovery channels upcoming "Dungeons of Alcatraz"; Robots you can
> talk to that can talk back; and amazing Lego Mindstorms creations by
> one of the inventors of Mindstorms - including copy machines, ATM's,
> and other things that take Lego's to heights undreamed of.
> For those who bring their own robot, cash prizes are included as
> competitors meet head on in:
> * ANT WEIGHT COMBAT - one pound robots attack each other in a
> destructive flurry to determine who's the most lethal  - this event
> will be hosted by SOZBots, the leaders in ant weight robot combat.
> * ROBOT SUMO WRESTLING - Promises chills, spills, and thrills aplenty
> as the automatons attempt to knock each other out of a one-meter sumo
> circle.
> * HEXAPOD CHALLENGE - Watch as six-legged robots scurry across the
> challenging rink to determine who's the best bug!
> * THE LINE SLALOM - Pits robot rivals in a challenging 10-foot curved
> track they must negotiate on their own, collecting data as they
> proceed.
> * LEGO MINDSTORMS CHALLENGE - Kids and adults both test their skills
> to complete a lap around courses of increasing complexity in time
> trials. Anyone with a Lego Mindstorms kit can compete.
> * B.E.A.M. ROBOT COMPETITION - BEAM stands for Biology, Electronics,
> Aesthetics, and Mechanics - These tiny analog robots will amaze you
> as they crawl and evolve before your eyes.  These dirt-cheap robots
> are some of the most amazing to watch!
> * AIBO PERFORMER - Competitors program their Aibos to perform tricks
> or routines. Get ready to laugh and be stunned by their flexibility
> and cuteness.
> * OPEN EVENTS - Best engineered, best-choreographed, youngest robot
> builder, best Lego design and others. Bring any 'bot you've got!
> For those who can't build their own robot, RSA members have built
> several robots for short-duration rentals on site.  Enjoy the thrill
> of combat for a single match as you run your own robot.
> This exciting event will also include many retailers of robots - such
> as robotstore.com, RobotCombat, and evolution robotics. Vendors will
> be selling robots throughout the day, so holiday shoppers should
> remember to bring their checkbooks.
> This event will be broadcast live via web simulcast by
> robotcombat.com - so for those who can't make it to the show, they
> can watch all the action live from home.
> The games are still looking for sponsors - contact sponsors at robotics-
> society.org if your company or group would like to become an event
> sponsor and garner publicity, gratitude, and a tax-deductible
> donation that helps more people gain access to robotics.
> The Robotics Society of America is dedicated to the exchange of
> information about robotics in order to stimulate education in the
> sciences, create new businesses, and to promote the enjoyment of
> robotics as a hobby. Meetings feature guest speakers, demonstrations,
> robot news & video clips and event planning. Weekly builders'
> workgroups, frequent robot building workshops, and monthly speaker
> series are also sponsored by the RSA.  The Robotics Society of
> America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with chapters in New
> York, Sacramento, Oregon, and San Francisco. The San Francisco
> chapter of the RSA holds meetings the first Wednesday of each month
> at the San Francisco Exploratorium at 7:30 PM in the classrooms
> located at the center of the complex.
> BotCast.com is an effort between RobotCombat.com and other robotic
> enthusiasts to provide Internet based live broadcasting of robotic
> sports events at minimal cost to the viewer.
> David Calkins
> 415-297-2789
> dcalkins at robotics-society.org
> Roy Hellen
> 415-339-8832
> roy at robotcombat.com
> David Calkins, President
> Robotics Society of America
> http://www.robotics-society.org

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