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[DPRG] Aviion Server - For sale

Subject: [DPRG] Aviion Server - For sale
From: Cynthia M. Rivers rivers5 at attbi.com
Date: Sat Nov 30 18:26:00 CST 2002

Hi again,

Since list traffic is slow, I'm hoping you won't mind this off-topic update.

Current high offer for the Aviion 8500 is $300.
We've taken a look at what the unit offers, and the /bin directory is quite
Still taking offers until midnight.

Thank you,

>On Sun, 17 Nov 2002 19:08:50 -0600 "Cynthia M. Rivers"
>rivers5 at attbi.com> writes:
>Hello all,
>I have one of the Data General Aviion servers, model 8500.  My
>priorities have changed, and so I would like to offer it for sale to
>the highest bidder.  Money raised will go to upgrading some of my video
>equipment. Here are some specifics on the unit...  Please write if you
>any questions.
>The unit is 17 3/4" wide, 24 1/4" high, and 27 1/2" deep. There are two
>processor cards, and two processors on each card. The unit has 512K
>of memory. The hard drive was recently reformated and Data General
>Unix (DGUX) loaded.  It seems to be functional, although I have not
>connected the ethernet cable to any kind of network. A serial terminal
>and keyboard come with the unit for system console. However, the server
>can also be controlled via a PC and a serial comm program at 9600 baud.
>The unit has a CD ROM drive and (backup) tape drive. The DGUX OS is
>supplied on CD.
>Buyer must provide own transportation for server and accessories from
>my home in North Garland. I will take offers thru the end of November.
>I'll keep everyone posted as to the status.
>Thank you,

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