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[DPRG] Six Legged Robot Walking Patterns?

Subject: [DPRG] Six Legged Robot Walking Patterns?
From: John Alway jalway at alwayslearn.com
Date: Tue Aug 5 13:04:01 CDT 2003


  Thanks for the feedback.   Your answer seemed so obvious after your said it, that I 
slapped my forhead and asked "Why didn't I think of that!"    It turns out your method 
is easy to implement.  So, many thanks!


On 4 Aug 2003 at 11:58, Randy M. Dumse wrote:

> We were able to turn our hexapods two ways, both using the
> tripod gate. One was to limit the fore-aft strokes on one side,
> and optionally lengthening them on the opposite side. This cause
> forward motion to curve toward the side with the shorter stroke.
> The other, we also did reverse on one set of legs and forward on
> the other, to acheive a "spin in place" turn.
> Fancier patterns might be possible, depending on leg
> articulation, but you have to consider the limitations of the
> degrees of freedom your legs allow. These two were simple ones.
> Randy
> www.newmicros.com
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> > I'm wondering if anyone knows the leg movement
> > patterns required to turn a six legged robot?
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