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Subject: [DPRG] RBNO @ Clubhouse
From: Charlie W Youngblood chaz128 at juno.com
Date: Wed Aug 6 12:42:04 CDT 2003

	Thanks for the info. The problem is that the leads are not
hooked up to the battery, so that approach will not work. The good
news is that Steve R. and I looked on the web site last night at RBNO
and found out the correct polarity from some scematics that James
Vroman had derived. :-)  Some of the guys were a big help last night
when they put the shelves back in the server room, and put the books
back in there. Thanks guys, it looks great! Now I can go through and
list the new books and literature that has been donated in the last
month. The new mini ATX baord looks great also. I believe Steve is
going to do a review on it.

Charlie Youngblood
DPRG Librarian
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You just need to trace the two leads back to battery terminals; mark the
color code prominently so you don't have to trace it again. Document,
document, document (everything!) -- you WILL forget if you don't.

On Tue, 5 Aug 2003, Charlie W Youngblood wrote:

> Yum yum! goodies of all kinds! BTW, at last weeks RBNO Eric
> Sumner and myself tried to get GARP going. When we tried to
> hook up the battery, the power leads were colored red and white!
> Hummm, which is ground? :-(  Also it looks like the logic power
> side had a few wires missing. Anyone know more about GARP?
> Charlie Youngblood
> DPRG Librarian
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