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[DPRG] Re: Tonight's RBNO (5 August 2003)

Subject: [DPRG] Re: Tonight's RBNO (5 August 2003)
From: Jeff Koenig jkoenig at airmail.net
Date: Wed Aug 6 17:42:01 CDT 2003

Despite yesterday's sweltering temperatures, about 20 roboteers met at the
DPRG warehouse to build robots, discuss robot topics, work on the warehouse,
and eat delicious lasagna, prepared by Chez Vicki.  For those who haven't
attended, the RBNO's at the warehouse have taken on a cocktail-party
atmosphere - lots going on, all over the place.

Danny Black finished the computer room, nailing up paneling over the
insulation.  The DPRG library's materials were then moved off of the robot
course and back into the computer room.

Dale Wheat mentioned that he now has a pickup truck, and would be happy to
pick up some wood to build permanent 12" (or whatever) walls around the
robot course.  This will make Robot Stadium permanent, and should encourage
people to bring more robots.  With RoboRama quickly approaching,
participants are encouraged to visit the warehouse for practice sessions.

Dale, Steve, and others have mentioned buying or otherwise acquiring
(legally, natch) tools for a DPRG toolbox that could be used at RBNO and
taken to RoboRamas for emergency Robo-Repair.  Any suggestions what a
well-equipped toolbox should contain?

Walter Briggs worked on an infra-red circuit for his robot, thanks in part
to some donated parts by the DPRG's patron saint, Mike Dodson.

Steve Rainwater updated the kernal on the Linux box.

Glenn Pipe brought a servo tester that he built - this one sports an LCD
with menus!

Several members brought very impressive robots.  Walkers, balancers, and
even old-fashioned casterdraggers (grin).

Ed Koffeman's power meter revealed the cost of maintaining the computer
room's air conditioner.  The first week, the meter estimated a monthly cost
(at $0.10 per kilowatt-hour) of about $17.50.  The second week, which was
warmer, yielded an estimate of about $23.00.  The third week, with the
insulation in place, gave an estimate of about $16.50.  We have been keeping
the room at about 82 degrees F.

I've not mentioned plenty.  If anyone wants to add anything to the notes for
yesterday's RBNO at the warehouse, please reply to this message.

Inaccuracies, omissions, etc. in this document are the property and
responsibility of me.

Very Best Regards,
Jeff Koenig

Tonight's RBNO will be held, as usual, at the DPRG warehouse.  I'll be there
at 6:00 PM to unlock the door.

Vicki mentioned bringing lasagne, and asked for a donation from everyone to
cover the cost.  I haven't heard her confirm this since last week's meeting,

Something COLD might be good.  I'm bringing an extra-large bottle of

Martin, will you be there tonight?  If so, would you bring the checkbook?

Hope to see everyone there!

-Jeff, Prez.

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