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[DPRG] fargo, basic stamp 2, and much more. very important.

Subject: [DPRG] fargo, basic stamp 2, and much more. very important.
From: rten at new.metronet.com rten at new.metronet.com
Date: Wed Aug 6 22:37:00 CDT 2003

The major problem (hazard for the BS2 is that any socket that gives good
pin contact also stresses the pins and increases the chances of bending

If I could find them, I have IC pullers for most sizes up to 40-pin
dual-inline devices. Even with about 40 years of experience, I avoid
unplugging devices whenever possible.

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003 MannyGerm at aol.com wrote:

> hi,
> first, if youre reading this message please read it all the way through.
> thanks. =(:
> a few weeks back i sent a message titled 'mill 'n' weld'
>   ----------snip------------
> > need someone to mill two wheels with a diameter of 1 3\4" and weld me a
> 2"x3"x3" >box. ill be willing to pay if nececary.
> >  with other matters to be concerned, my IR LED is working. how i know? i
> used >ralphs idea.
> >   one more thing. i need jeffs iron again.
>   -----------snip------------
> nevermind the box, my misspelling of necessary ( eighth word, second line)
> the IR led, and jeffs iron. i need some wheels. and right now, i only have two
> clams ( 2$), so im gonna hafta make a trade of some sort.
>    with other news, ive put project fargo on hold to learn BASIC and IsoMax,
> so i can use BASIC stamps, and isopods. the only problem with that is i dont
> have an isopod to experiment with. if you have a reply about the isopod, please
> write back.
>     another thing, i rented the BoE last night and im wondering, can i take
> the bs2 out of  the socket and use it on a breadboard? if not, thats ok.
>     another thing. last night, a person gave me a handful of IR LEDs and IR
> phototransistors, but the phototransistors have a third pin. what is the third
> pin for. is it like a transistor with a photodiode on the base? if you know,
> please contact me.
>   another thing. i remember hearing that the thing on saturdayat the science
> place isnt a competition. if it isnt a competition, what on earth is it?
> should i bring what i have done of Fargo?
>                                  happy roboting,
>                                                    Walter Briggs

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