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[DPRG] Sumo Robot contest added to Tabletop

Subject: [DPRG] Sumo Robot contest added to Tabletop
From: Dale Wheat dale at dalewheat.com
Date: Thu Aug 7 16:20:02 CDT 2003


I apologize if I hurt your feelings.  My comment was the sum of an extended
conversation at lunch today (the DPRG's RPL) on this very topic, which
included Earl, the originator of this interesting thread.  It was not
intended as an insult in any way.

In my *opinion*, there is a great gulf between the people that want to build
and create interesting devices, and those that would have them rassle like
puppies in a box.  There are many similarities, including creativity,
technical expertise and persistence, but the directions in which they are
focused differ wildly.  I don't know that I have the words to express
exactly how I fell about this, and maybe this is not the time or place for
such words.

Now that we are descending into semantic wrangling over what word means
what, let's take a step back and see that this is the kind of issue that
defines us as a group, as well as individuals.  Every week we argue amongst
ourselves over the various merits of software vs hardware (PS John, your
pulse counter is ready), 4 wheels vs 2 wheels, wheels vs legs, analog vs
digital, but it all comes down to the semi-annual "put your robot where your
mouth is" competition and we see what works and what doesn't.  On the way we
watch and learn and experiment, but above all we share, when possible, what
we've been doing.  All that changes when the competitions pit machine
against machine (or worse yet, driver vs driver).  I draw the line at sumo.
Others are comfortable in both worlds.  Good on them.  This is, after all,
America. So in my mind it is easy to point out who is "us" and who is
"them".  As I said before, I'm sure my words lack the meaning of what I

My only other thoughts are that I agree with you, technically, that T-time
can be less than heart-pounding.  But so is a 1st grade orchestra recital.
When it's your device out there, even if all it's trying to accomplish is
drive in a straight line, it becomes very interesting, indeed.  I can also
identify the "fascination" of the large "robot" contests with the same sort
of morbid curiousity that backs up traffic at an automobile accident.
Defining sumo as a "sport" helps in that generalization.


Dale Wheat
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> Hello Dale,
> >Bear in mind that Mr. Frye has a vested interest in seeing robots bump
> >into/destroy each other - he sells them.
> Bear in mind that the revenue from sumo robot sales wouldn't pay for a
> to the grocery store. I sell the sumos from a pure love for the sport. I
> don't know what sparked this comment. But I consider it rude. Thanks, Jim
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