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MannyGerm@aol.com: [DPRG] i forgot

Subject: MannyGerm@aol.com: [DPRG] i forgot
From: Charlie W Youngblood chaz128 at juno.com
Date: Thu Aug 7 18:31:01 CDT 2003

	Here is some very simple code to make the motors go.
The BOE uses servo's for motors, so you are going to give the BS2
PWM commands to "talk" to the servo's. The commands go some-
thing like this.


pulsout 14, 500	'This makes the right servo go
pulseout 15, 1000	'This makes the left servo go

goto main

Try this and see if it works.

Charlie Youngblood
DPRG Librarian
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on the BoE, how do you make the motors go.
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