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[DPRG] component trading and something else with Fargo

Subject: [DPRG] component trading and something else with Fargo
From: MannyGerm at aol.com MannyGerm at aol.com
Date: Sun Aug 10 13:09:00 CDT 2003

hi everybody, 
               im writing to say that i'll be bringing my bag of resistors 
again to trade for other components. if you need resistors, bring your 
components to this weeks RBNO  and ill trade resistors for anything but resistors.
                one more thing. i need help with Fargo. its not feeling well. 
As you know, im using transistors on the outputs to compensate for a 6 mV 
output coming from my comparator.  well, the output from the comparator is 
soldered to the base of my transistor,and i have a full blast of 9V on the 
collector, but only 300mV on the emitter. im aware that the effect of the transistor is 
higher voltage on base, lower voltage on emitter. but since theres only 6 mV 
on the base, from what i know, there should be like 8V coming out of the 
emitter of the transistor. i need to make 300mV into the full battery power. if you 
need the specs of the transistor, the Mfg.# is MPS2222A. i havent looked at 
the datasheet myself, but it might help. if you have any idea what the problem 
is, or how to fix it, please let me know.

                                 happy roboting,
                                                   Walter Briggs
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