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[DPRG] Capacitor Question

Subject: [DPRG] Capacitor Question
From: Eric Sumner kd5bjo at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Aug 11 18:42:01 CDT 2003

> Ok, now I am feeling really stupid. I see several drawings with capacitors
> showing polarity and several drawings with capacitors that show no polarity.
> As far as I knew capacitors always had polarity? Can somebody shed light on
> this for me?

In their most basic form, capacitors have no polarity.  Electrolytic
capacitors, however, do have a polarity because if a voltage is applied in the
wrong direction, the dielectric dissolves into the electrolytic fluid, which
quickly causes a short through the capacitor.  In general, electrolytic
capacitors have higher capacitances for their size than other kinds of
capacitor, and they are inexpensive to produce, which is why they are one of
the most prevalent kinds of capacitors.

  -- Eric

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