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[DPRG] PCB Layout

Subject: [DPRG] PCB Layout
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at comcast.net
Date: Mon Aug 11 21:55:02 CDT 2003

I use www.expresspcb.com myself.
Its free software for their PCB fabrication system though.
One can change colors though and get a printout on a laser printer that
should work OK.
I typically use their service, as plated though holes and vias can't be
done at the home easily or cheaply. Plus the chemicals are toxic waste
(especially after etching) and I don't like flushing them down the
drain. We have enough toxic waste in the water supply.  
Expresspcb makes nice boards, with nicely tinned, easy to solder pads,
and great plated through holes and vias. 
Just wait until you have to drill a bunch of .020" holes accurately and
discover how hard it really is. Even with a drill press it takes little
or nothing to breakoff the drill bit, you have to use the special PCB
drill bits not regular ones.  ExpressPCB has CNC machines for all of

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What software do you guys use to layout your PCBs?

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