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[DPRG] November Talent Show/Contest

Subject: [DPRG] November Talent Show/Contest
From: Jeff Koenig jkoenig at airmail.net
Date: Thu Aug 14 09:44:01 CDT 2003

Sorry about the recent confusion about November's contest.  I told Earl that
I was pretty sure that it was a TableTop event, and I may have told others
the same thing.

Like Bill said, it will be held November 15th at The Science Place.

I think the intent is for the Talent Show to be based loosely on Seattle's
"Floor Exercises" show (I'm not even sure if that is what they call it).

Several members have expressed interest in a venue to show off the abilities
of their robots that are not covered in the existing contests.  We haven't
discussed the particulars, and the mail list is probably better suited to
this than a meeting.

There has also been interest in having a venue for walking robots, which is
where the "Sticks" part came from.  How many members who have walking robots
would be interested in this?

Very Best Regards,
Jeff, Prez

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