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[DPRG] November Talent Show/Contest

Subject: [DPRG] November Talent Show/Contest
From: Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Date: Fri Aug 15 10:52:00 CDT 2003

> Can-Can, Fire Fighter, and Sumo are all basically
> 'search and destroy' types of contests.

While I can see your point of view here, I very much disagree.


In 1980, Namco game designer Moru Iwatani was tired of the glut
of shoot-em-ups littering the arcades. He wants to create an
arcade game that looks more like a cartoon than a videogame, and
appeals to women as well as men.

Bally/Midway releases the game in North America. The game goes
on to become the most popular arcade game of all time.

Some of the reasoning I've heard on its popularity, was it
wasn't a shoot 'em up, a skill with a strong male bias, but was
based on "hunter gatherer" skills (and eating), which are as
strong or stronger in women as in men.

Now to characterize CAN CAN as a search and destroy sure misses
the reason it is interesting and neat to do. Instead it has a
hugely important analog in fundamental human behavior. It plays
on the same survival skill as PACMAN did, going out and hunting
objects in the general environment, and gathering them up. If
the course were a maze, rather than just a T, it might be more
obvious. But the principle remains the same.


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