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[DPRG] November Talent Show/Contest

Subject: [DPRG] November Talent Show/Contest
From: W. E. Cole wecole at ev1.net
Date: Fri Aug 15 21:24:00 CDT 2003

The purpose of my post wasn't to try to define our current contests; rather,
it was pointing out the simular structure of our current events and
suggesting that we make a deliberate effort to go a different direction.
Call them what you like, our current contests are basically come down to
searching for a target and doing something to that target. This is true of
can-can, fire fighter, and sumo. If you define the target as the course
line, you can even make this description work for quick trip and line
following. I was merely suggesting that we try to create an event that has a
different theme.

~Bill Cole

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> > Can-Can, Fire Fighter, and Sumo are all basically
> > 'search and destroy' types of contests.
> While I can see your point of view here, I very much disagree.
> Now to characterize CAN CAN as a search and destroy sure misses
> the reason it is interesting and neat to do. Instead it has a
> hugely important analog in fundamental human behavior. It plays
> on the same survival skill as PACMAN did, going out and hunting
> objects in the general environment, and gathering them up. If
> the course were a maze, rather than just a T, it might be more
> obvious. But the principle remains the same.
> Randy
> www.newmicros.com

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