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[DPRG] programmable mobile robots for under $20

Subject: [DPRG] programmable mobile robots for under $20
From: Dale Wheat dale at dalewheat.com
Date: Wed Aug 20 11:42:01 CDT 2003


> Also, I've been looking into communication between Spybots, and there is
quite a bit of information passed between them, while running.  So, if
you're interested in looking into "swarming" robots, you may want to drop
another $20 for a second robot.

That's exactly the information that I've been looking for, but I can't seem
to find anything about it.  From the MindScript and NQC standpoint, I don't
think that communication is possible between either other Spybots, Spybots &
PCs or even Spybots and their IR remotes.  Waaaa!  :(

Somebody tell me I'm wrong! (about this, I mean).

PS:  For even cheaper deals, look on eBay.  I've seen new boxes going for
$9.99 + $6.50 for shipping.


Dale Wheat
(972) 486-1317
(800) 330-1915, access code 00

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