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[DPRG] An electric cart, anyone?

Subject: [DPRG] An electric cart, anyone?
From: W. E. Cole wecole at ev1.net
Date: Sat Aug 23 18:56:01 CDT 2003

Just thought I'd throw this out - I was at the new CCA Resale Store (thrift
store) in Lewsiville today and in the back of the store they had a used
3-wheel electric cart/wheelchair (sorta like the "Rascals" you see
advertised on TV all the time) for $75. It's sold 'as-is' because there is
no key or batteries and the front wheel is flat, but it's still some really
useful parts for a very cool robot. (I wish I had the cash to get it

If anyone's interested, here's how to find it: (I *think* they are closed
Sundays, but I'd call to make sure)
Take I35 north to Lewisville, exit Corporate Drive (west). Cross the
overpass (over I35), take the first right (there is a small gas/convience
store there) and then turn left on Hwy 121 (you'll be driving southwest).
Look for the Albertson's shopping center about a mile down the road on the
left - CCA Resale is next door to it.

~Bill Cole

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