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[DPRG] im goin ta Fry's

Subject: [DPRG] im goin ta Fry's
From: MannyGerm at aol.com MannyGerm at aol.com
Date: Fri Aug 29 16:45:02 CDT 2003

   tomorrow, im going to frys to buy motors, and i need to know what i can 
buy for 25$. cause if i can't buy buy two motors, or something with two motors 
on it, ive got many other things to blow 25 clams on. also, i need to know if i 
can buy connectors to a mouse. im regulating the speed of fargo with a mouse. 
me, charlie, and my brother thought of it at this weeks RBNO. its genius.
                                          Walter L. Briggs  
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