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[DPRG] Line Following

Subject: [DPRG] Line Following
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at comcast.net
Date: Sat Aug 30 13:50:02 CDT 2003

This guy in Germany or thereabouts did a one transistor line follower.

The technique was quite simple actually. Darn I which I would have
thought of it. He has a mpeg video clip too.

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Subject: [DPRG] Line Following

Hey guys,

I'm working on a article on line following. I wanted to
establish that line followers are not that hard to construct,
and wanted to talk about "TwoTrans". (Was there a "OneTran" as
well?) I'd like to give some credit to the creator and get the
spelling right, etc. "Who's the man?" on these guys. Somebody
'fess up!


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