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Subject: [DPRG] yay
From: MannyGerm at aol.com MannyGerm at aol.com
Date: Sun Aug 31 18:08:01 CDT 2003

   i went to frys, bought "everyday practical electronics", which i must say 
is a great magazine, a candy bar, some much needed tictacs, and the tamiya 
twin motor gear box. its a really good thing. but theres two oh craps that go 
along with one yay. the first oh crap, is i dont think the two shafts can turn in 
opposite direction, which dimines the purpose of it being a twin motor 
gearbox so that probably isnt true. the second oh crap, is that i stayed too late at 
the last RBNO, so i cant come to this weeks RBNO, and my brother moved back 
to lubbock along with his soldering iron. 
                                                      walter briggs
Postscript: im gonna talk to my dad about needing to go SO BADLY to this 
weeks rbno, and maybe miss next weeks. see ya.
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