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[DPRG] Robot Building for Dummies

Subject: [DPRG] Robot Building for Dummies
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Date: Thu Dec 4 00:28:01 CST 2003



That is a lot of hard, but fun, work. I use to write
technical manuals so I know how you must feel. Like
a Father with a new kid. Jim Brown is surely smiling
as well.

Thanks for sharing. Am anxious to pick one up.

What's next? 
Programming Robots for Dummies?
Building robot for programmers? :-)

Congrats again!
Bob Jordan

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As some of you already know, this last year I wrote Robot Building
for Dummies.  Jim Brown wrote several of the beginning chapters.
It was a difficult process but that's all over now and it's time
to get them out into hands of robot builders.

The book includes details about adding sensors and other goodies to
an ARobot base.

I would encourage yall to think about considering looking at the
possibility of picking up a copy at B&N, Amazon, or most major 
book stores.  If you do, check out the website and participate in
the forum.


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