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[DPRG] "out-of-focus" issues

Subject: [DPRG] "out-of-focus" issues
From: chris cbrenizer at socket.net
Date: Mon Dec 8 10:34:01 CST 2003

on a less sarcastic note than my previous, and as only an observer from afar
and never attending any meetings...

i find DPRG enviable, in the apparent amount of resources and talent, going
by what's posted on this mailing list.  as a group encompasses more and more
resources it WILL require specialized concentration of some members or sub
groups that may not be directly in line with the initial goals.  but, none
the less, adds to the over all capacity of the entire group.

just like a lab may be centered on atomic research, they still must clear
the sidewalks, or mow the grass, or sweep the halls.  all things that allow
the 'real' focus to be pursued.  and pursued better.

but i'm talking without really knowing the situation.  which is more fun
than anything else, but easily subject to being wrong...

chris brenizer
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> Definitely highlights the difference between "leadership" and
> Clubs need a leader, this is Roger's "president" role, as they get larger
> they need a manager (not available in his current structure.) I've
> participated in clubs organized as Roger has chosen to initially organize
> the ETRB. The risk inherent in that design is the creation of a 'cabal'
> (which is a clique of the President and his or her trusted advisors.) Once
> a cabal is created (often unconsciously) creative people generally stop
> attending (they are "outside the cabal" and so can never be heard.) Now
> the job of the leader to insure that no one is left out, but such things
> are not always obvious. (actually they are often not obvious!)  I've found
> it is good to insist that people with good ideas give presentations, they
> get exposure, they meet more people, and the club is enriched.
> --Chuck
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