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[DPRG] "out-of-focus" issues

Subject: [DPRG] "out-of-focus" issues
From: Roger Arrick roger at arrick.com
Date: Mon Dec 8 22:40:02 CST 2003

I'm not sure what the confusion and consternation is about the 
experimental organizational structure of ETRB.  I guess if I do 
anything different I should expect flack - the quantity and
intensity just always suprises me :)

The structure is based in part on RBNO who's name was inspired by
'Mother's day out' which my wife particpated in back in those days.
The main benefit was people could focus on building, learning and 
having fun - sort of a free-for-all that the formalized meetings
weren't compatible with.  So, those of you who think I'm a meanie 
trying to control the world or something, please reconsider since
the opposite is the case.  My goal is to free the participants of
the organization. 

Someone mentioned democracy.  Most organizations in our country are 
not democracies.  Not companies, not schools, not hospitals, not
churches, not families, not lemonade stands.

Peace, and happy robot building to all.

Roger Arrick

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