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[DPRG] DPRG Meeting - Saturday, December 13th, 2003

Subject: [DPRG] DPRG Meeting - Saturday, December 13th, 2003
From: Jeff Koenig jkoenig at airmail.net
Date: Tue Dec 9 10:14:01 CST 2003

The topic will be "Out with the old - In with the new!"

Whether your political leanings favour Julius Caesar or Michael Bakunin, be
sure to make Saturday's meeting at The Science Place.

New officers will be elected for 2004!  Our recent organizational
discussions seem to be a perfect appetizer for Saturday's main course.
Bring your soapbox...a new Permanent Volunteer (uh, I mean "President") will
be elected, along with several other officer positions!

If political screeds and organizational diatribe bore you, be sure to bring
your robotic projects and feel free to steal the stage.  Please.

--Now, my last message as Prez--

It was a little over 2 years ago that Eric Yundt told me that he had
nominated me for the position of Vice President, without my knowledge, to
force me to start attending meetings again.  When Ed moved to California, I
got to be the accidental president for about 6 months before being elected
last year.  I'd like to thank everyone in the DPRG for all the fun,
friendship, and headaches that the position has given me.  It's been a
blast, but now it's time for someone else to have their turn to be the loud
one at the front of the room.  And it is time for me to enter some robots in
DPRG contests.

Very Best Regards,
Jeff Koenig
DPRG Ex-President     2001-2003
Proud DPRG member  2004

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