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[DPRG] Need something at meeting.

Subject: [DPRG] Need something at meeting.
From: Ralph Tenny rften at swbell.net
Date: Wed Dec 10 20:50:01 CST 2003

Just for grins, I saw an animated advertisement for Lego. Pieces flew
for about 30 seconds and a SUV appeared.
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Subject: [DPRG] Need something at meeting.
Hey all, 

I just wanted to make sure that whomever has the book "Lego Mindstorms
For Dummies" can get the CD that comes with it to the meeting this
weekend. I will be bringing my laptop to the meeting to load the
software on it, so I will only need it for the duration of the meeting. 

If you aren't coming to the meeting this month, maybe you can give it to
someone at the Power Lunch to give to me, if you attend that? 

Thanks in advance, 
aka David M.
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