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[DPRG] New clubs, the warehouse, and other random thoughts...

Subject: [DPRG] New clubs, the warehouse, and other random thoughts...
From: Ralph Tenny rften at swbell.net
Date: Wed Dec 10 20:53:01 CST 2003

I'm sure I speak for all: you have made tremendous contributions 
to DPRG.

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Subject: [DPRG] New clubs, the warehouse, and other random thoughts...

I've been a DPRG member for a year now and I'm amazed at what we've
done at the warehouse. When I joined, the warehouse had the platform
but a lot of leaks in the roof (now fixed) kept us from setting up the
course tracks. At my first RBNO we had a couple of tables, some stools,
dinner, and 7 people, including myself. That was pretty much it.

Currently, the warehouse averages 17 people/week (during the summer we
averaged 22). We have a Linux/Windows network housed in a full size
rack with over 60 gigs of storage, protected by high quality backup
and surge protection units. We have a couple Pentium workstations that
anyone can use to work on their project or access the internet, or a
can bring their laptop and plug into the network via the hub setup in
main room. We have two color cameras feeding video to the internet for
enjoyment of our 'out of town' visitors and live "chat" on a workstation
setup on the main table. Our (now) climate controlled computer room also
houses the DPRG library, which seems to get new additions every week. We
also have a "freebie" spare parts area that gets a lot of attention.

Some of the current/future warehouse projects include adding laptops to
hardware library that can be checked out by members along with the
kits we already have, building a hand/power tool collection, improving
network workstation hardware, and several projects involving the DPRG
library that should make it better cataloged and accessible to all. (We
already have the laptops and workstations for these projects.)

David Anderson wrote "I think (the warehouse) has fundamentally changed
club, at least for me. The Tuesday night RBNOs have taken on a life of
own. These are very informal gatherings, no Robert's Rules of Order, no
"moderator" to force us to stay "on topic," no one with the authority to
decide which issues are "out-of-focus", and no power-plays..."

I agree. Lately, I've been going just to see what new "toy" someone has
brought in, watch a movie on my laptop (we're watching 'The Terminator',
ultimate "robot with an attitude" movie, tomorrow), and chitchat with
everyone. It's nice to have a place to go to work or just socialize with
people who share some of the same interests.

I hope everyone stops for a moment to reflect on the irony that such an
informal gathering that offers as much as RBNO would not be possible
the formal structure, dues, and direction of the 'regular' DPRG monthly

Bill Cole
DPRG Secretary

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