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[DPRG] Re: New SONY running robot

Subject: [DPRG] Re: New SONY running robot
From: SOLID Corp. SOLIDCorp at ameritech.net
Date: Fri Dec 19 11:51:08 CST 2003

Since the robot is never off the ground for more than 30ms and that the
physical state of the entire hierarchy of the robot must be known to a
reasonable position just to balance, I'm sure that odometry practically
falls out of the control loop math.

Also, it is more important for industrial robots to be able to reproduce
movements than to actually do them with accuracy in the first place.  It is
typical to program an industrial robot, run it recording the errors and
modify the program until it is acceptable.  It is likely the same process
was used to make the QRIO demo.  Note 53 seconds into sony_04.wmv the
bearded engineers change in posture when QRIO gets near the edge of the
table. : )

As far as corporate vision is concerned, I don't see the same market forces
driving the robotics industry as the software and semiconductor industries.
Also, unfortunately for many of us as well as robots, there is a whole world
of cheap skilled labor to compete with.  Computers continue to get better
AND cheaper, while robots usually get more expensive and complex as they get
more capable.  What is your corporate vision?  What should America be doing?
What should robots be doing that they are not doing now?

Scott Williamson

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GPS would not be accurate enough.
Perhaps if they made a local transmitter with specific signal that might be

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I guess the robots are started with RF, and run in real-time.  Perhaps
the odometry is done with GPS, and/or camera recognition.  I am sure
there are tilt sensors.  Perhaps if gear motors, the precision is enough
to do the 3D math to calculate location.

Sad, that people in the USA are eventually going to follow the Japanese
robot lead.  Like the way Steve Wozniak was never funded by big
business, there is no corporate vision of the future.


"David P. Anderson" wrote:

> Extremely marvelously cool!!!
> How do you suppose they stay synchronized?  RF?
> How is the "odometry" done?  Full 6DOF IMU maybe?
> dpa
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