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[DPRG] Re: New SONY running robot

Subject: [DPRG] Re: New SONY running robot
From: Peter Brunone peter at brunone.com
Date: Fri Dec 19 17:08:00 CST 2003

	I really think the political rants should find another forum.
Neither robots, nor money or lack thereof, nor any man-made object or
institution is going to cure society's ills.

	Humanoid bots are cool and all, but until they show a practical
use with a reasonable ROI, nobody who's interested in keeping their
business alive is going to put much stock in them.


another Peter

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I will have to agree with Will on this one.  Why would a battery company
invest millions into developing a battery that can last a year, when
they make billions selling batteries that last only a few hours?  They
won't.  In the end, it is all about money.  Those that have money want
more money, and they want to keep the rest uf us addicted to needing


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>From: "Will Martin" <willm at whmcustomservices.com>

> I beg to differ.  Robots have already replaced at least 50% of the 
> workforce at my previous employer.  Just as I stated before, the 
> computer was never even conceived of in its current incarnation until 
> the late 1940's.  At this point in robot history, we (the Japanese 
> Corps. for the most part) definitely have the technology that 
> describes how to emulate human though and movement.  The ability to 
> gather information is also present, even in SONY's Qrio demo.  The 
> robots were gathering broadcast, visual, and physical feedback data 
> the whole time AND RESPONDING to that data.  For most of us, we WILL 
> see humanoid robots within our lifetime.
> I feel that the resistance of U.S. involvement in high level robotics 
> & AI research is based primarily on our Capitalistic views of how the 
> world should work.  If you build a robot to replace every worker in 
> the U.S. you would have nothing but large corporations making products

> and offering services that none of the unemployed people could buy. 
> The way it should happen is that since all of the labor is being done 
> by robots, the human race should be elevated to a level where primary 
> issues of humanity can be addressed without the worry or even the need

> of a monetary system.  No more war, no more hunger, no more murder, no

> more crime.  But there is no money in that type of governing system; 
> the administration of such a system is incomprehensible to most if not

> all of our current leaders today and for the most part even the 
> general populous.  THAT is what the hold up is.
> --Will Martin
> ...
> > We WILL NOT have robots which will think, move, or replace humans. .
> >
> > We don't even have the technology to describe how this will work,
> let alone
> > the technology to make it happen.
> >
> > Toys are one thing, the robots of science fiction is still a long
> way off.
> > ( one or two centuries)
> >
> > But, lets keep the toys coming !!  :-)
> >
> > Hamilton

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