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[DPRG] Re: New SONY running robot

Subject: [DPRG] Re: New SONY running robot
From: Will Martin willm at whmcustomservices.com
Date: Fri Dec 19 17:36:00 CST 2003

I really think you are wrong. Or is personal opinion not allowed here 
either?  I was establishing what I believe to be some fundemental 
shortcomings that are directly inhibiting robotics research.  I agree 
that ROI is a factor, but the underlying premise of ROI is 
Capitalism.  Sorry I stroked you wrong or whatever, I apologize to 
everyone.  I won't post on this again.


> 	I really think the political rants should find another forum.
> Neither robots, nor money or lack thereof, nor any man-made object or
> institution is going to cure society's ills.
> 	Humanoid bots are cool and all, but until they show a practical
> use with a reasonable ROI, nobody who's interested in keeping their
> business alive is going to put much stock in them.
> Regards,
> another Peter
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> Of Pete Miles
> I will have to agree with Will on this one.  Why would a battery 
> invest millions into developing a battery that can last a year, when
> they make billions selling batteries that last only a few hours?  
> won't.  In the end, it is all about money.  Those that have money 
> more money, and they want to keep the rest uf us addicted to needing
> money.
> Pete
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> From: "Will Martin" <willm at whmcustomservices.com>
> > I beg to differ.  Robots have already replaced at least 50% of the 
> > workforce at my previous employer.  Just as I stated before, the 
> > computer was never even conceived of in its current incarnation 
> > the late 1940's.  At this point in robot history, we (the Japanese 
> > Corps. for the most part) definitely have the technology that 
> > describes how to emulate human though and movement.  The ability 
> > gather information is also present, even in SONY's Qrio demo.  The 
> > robots were gathering broadcast, visual, and physical feedback 
> > the whole time AND RESPONDING to that data.  For most of us, we 
> > see humanoid robots within our lifetime.
> >
> > I feel that the resistance of U.S. involvement in high level 
> > & AI research is based primarily on our Capitalistic views of how 
> > world should work.  If you build a robot to replace every worker 
> > the U.S. you would have nothing but large corporations making 
> > and offering services that none of the unemployed people could 
> > The way it should happen is that since all of the labor is being 
> > by robots, the human race should be elevated to a level where 
> > issues of humanity can be addressed without the worry or even the 
> > of a monetary system.  No more war, no more hunger, no more 
murder, no
> > more crime.  But there is no money in that type of governing 
> > the administration of such a system is incomprehensible to most if 
> > all of our current leaders today and for the most part even the 
> > general populous.  THAT is what the hold up is.
> >
> > --Will Martin
> >
> > ...
> > > We WILL NOT have robots which will think, move, or replace 
humans. .
> > >
> > > We don't even have the technology to describe how this will work,
> > let alone
> > > the technology to make it happen.
> > >
> > > Toys are one thing, the robots of science fiction is still a long
> > way off.
> > > ( one or two centuries)
> > >
> > > But, lets keep the toys coming !!  :-)
> > >
> > > Hamilton
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