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[DPRG] Re: Sony QRIO sensor info

Subject: [DPRG] Re: Sony QRIO sensor info
From: rljordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Sat Dec 20 12:08:00 CST 2003


>His method which he calls "gyrodometry"

Your comments are stimulating!

This reminded me or a story my Dad told years ago (showing may age)
He worked for Varo who invented the Starlight (see in the dark) scope
and other goverment funded/based stuff. 

Early after WWII Von Bron was sharing some of the German
missle secrets. From those conversations and info Varo
developed power systems and guideance systems for early
rocket missions into "space".  Back then space was a 
lot closer than it is today :-)

Anyway, they had a power system (generator) that ran
off of a turbine wheel powered by a CO2 cartridge.
When it punctured, it would generate AC power for
about a minutes. Enough to run the critical
part of a mission or recharge part of a battey.

The rockets (missles) used gyro scopes as positional navigation
systems. Varo played with connecting a CO2 bottle to
a gyroscope to give "stronger/longer" feedback to
the navigational system. After "launching" a few 
very aggressive gyros, as tops, on to countertops, 
they decided super fast rotating gyros were not a 
good direction to go :-)

I miss all the good mechanical aspects of electronic
research! Now a days a mis-wire yields a pop and
a tiny eruption of black silicon dust. 
In yester-year it was more like a boom, a phhvvvssst, 
or a melt down that set the bread board (literelly boards)
on fire! I once vaporized the metal shaft of a
screwdriver in a high voltage power supply, that was off!

Remember the "computer bug" It was named after a moth
persuing the glow of the tubes, & getting stuck in the relay
contacts of the ENIAC. 

I wish "computer bugs" were that easy to find now-a-day! 

end of nostalgia diversion...back to my PIC project.

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