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[DPRG] switching power supply

Subject: [DPRG] switching power supply
From: Kipton Moravec kip at kdream.com
Date: Wed Dec 31 13:44:00 CST 2003

A switching power supply works by switching the input power on and off. It 
is like PWM.

A linear power supply works by converting the excess voltage into heat, 
like a resistor does.

The Switching power supply is more complicated takes more parts, can put 
high frequency noise on the output power, and can be 75-95% efficient.
The Linear supply is easy, "clean" and is 30-70% efficient.

Low power stuff is best with linear, high power stuff is best with a 
switcher (as a general rule)
If the input voltage is much higher than the output voltage use a 
switcher.  If the input voltage is a little above the output voltage use a 


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>What is the definition of a "switching power supply"?
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