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[DPRG] Hello--Need help (Can Collector)

Subject: [DPRG] Hello--Need help (Can Collector)
From: bill billa at longrange.net
Date: Sat Feb 8 13:55:01 CST 2003

You could use a metal detector to deturnime if the object is a can.

at 100Khz aluminum makes a nice phase shift.
This means that a three layer coil style metal detector could detect

I made a three coil metal detector back in school that had two
indicators, one for magnitude and one that indicated phase shift.

> Message: 8
> From: JJJJLiu at aol.com
> Hi There:
> I'm a student from the University of California.  And we decided to construct
> a robot for our senior design project:  ECC, we called it, which stands for
> Electric Can Collector.  We are very frustrated right now because we don't
> really have a solution on how to distinguish a can from others, or more
> specifically, the width/height of an object.  We are desparately trying to
> receive any help... and so if you have time, please respond to this message
> describing how we may sense a can.  We are using a 68HC11 board.  Many
> thanks.......  ;-)
> Sincerely Yours,
> Jimmy

Bill, Arden (Embedded systems designer) http://www.soraca.com

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