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[DPRG] First board recommedations.

Subject: [DPRG] First board recommedations.
From: Kipton Moravec kip at kdream.com
Date: Sun Feb 9 19:03:01 CST 2003

It depends on what you want to do.

You probably will not outgrow the Mini Robomind.  But it is sophisticated and you will spend many hours understanding all it has to offer.

The Rabbit 3000 module is also interesting, (it has 6 serial ports)

The Stamp is slow, but it is probably the easiest to get up and running.  (Rabbit is probably #2)

New Micro's http://www.newmicros.com has a variety of inexpensive microcontroller boards.  I started with their $39 special 8051 board, (with software).  NMIY-0031 Years later still using the 8051.  The ISOPOD is also interesting.


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  Howdy all,

  I spend a lot of time lurking here, and would like the lists recommendation.  I know this is a rather loaded question and one that could result in almost as many different answers as replies.  I did look through the archives, but didn't really find the answer that I was looking for.

  I want to buy a microcontroller board, but I don't really know what to get.  I initially had decided on an 68HC11 board, but now I am wondering if that is the right way to go.

  I do not know any programming languages, but I have no trouble with the thought of having to learn one.  I would like something that is both popular and powerful.  I rather have something that is over kill than to find out it won't do what I want it to in six months.  The different varieties of the stamp haven't really interested me too much.  The price is somewhat attractive, but on a feature price comparison, they don't look as good to me.

  A couple of the SBCs that I have been considering are the Mini Robomind or a 68HC11 EVB.  The Motorola EVBs seem rather dated.  What are the lists recommendations, or favorites, for a MCU board for robotics and different I/O experiments.  Price is a consideration, but I don't expect this to be something that I will outgrow, or wear out anytime soon.

  Thanks for the info,

  Temporarily misplaced Texan
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