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[DPRG] No Politics, No Problem.

Subject: [DPRG] No Politics, No Problem.
From: Charlie W Youngblood chaz128 at juno.com
Date: Mon Feb 10 13:35:02 CST 2003

	First, I would like to say thanks for being willing to help
with the RBC (Robot Builders Class). Our group is founded on and
and sustained by volunteres such as yourself. Your experience
(expertise) is appreciated, needed, and welcome. I personally 
hope you would reconsider teaching the classes as I will tell my
reasons why.
	First of all, the spirit of our group seems to be to help each
other with whatever might benefit others in there endevor at robot
building. That begins as individuals on this list exchange ideas.
Personally, discussions, although sometimes lively, have enriched
my understanding of many aspects of robotics that otherwise I would
not have a clue. As a result I have a much more well rounded under-
standing of this braud subject. (Plus I have come into contact with
many excellent people such as your self!).
	Second, I do not think there is a problem with decision
making in the DPRG. I speek for myself when I say that the leadership
has been great and effective to the goals of the group. Every member
is allowed and has a voice in the group. Ultamitely when a concensus
or a dead in is reached most if not all defer to the judgement of our
president. I have total confidence in the person and office of the DPRG
president. (Thanks Jeff for your good work!). Part of Jeffs job is to de-
ligate authority.
	In conclusion, I understood the consensus of the club at
Saturdays meeting, as well as on the list, was that Jeff deligate
the Authority to run the class to a capable individual, that being you.
As such your ideas sent to the list on 2-09-03 are welcome, being
that you made provision for as wide a range of participation as possible.
Your leadership in these events is wanted and needed. Personally I was
looking forward to attending the classes, and I think many will be dis-
appointed if they do not occur! 
	Earl, I speek for myself and as a member of the DPRG, and am
shure that most of the group would agree with me in the idea of having
head up this effort to help beginners and novices alike with robotics!

Charlie Youngblood
DPRG Librarian

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>From: "Earl Bollinger" <earlwbollinger at attbi.com>

Obviously this is becoming a political issue. Since politics is now
involved, I am reluctantly cancelling my participation the robotics
workshop, politics was not on my mind, I wanted to help people
successfully build robots. I suggest someone else "who is polically"
correct head this up in the future. Unless someone else wants to
show up on the two dates I mentioned earlier, I doubt I will be there

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"Harmless technical discussion between 2 individuals"

As far as sponsorship, I try to keep to my main business as an
electronics manufacturer, and not go into competition with my
own customers, by making robots.

But so everyone can understand where I'm coming from, my
sponsorship is not based on what I sell, but on what I get out
of participating in terms of experience. While I'd love to sell
you all IsoPod(TM)s and H-bridges, etc., I couldn't survive
making electronics strictly for the hobby robotics groups. Our
sales are much broader based than that. So my promoting
IsoPod(TM)s with our group is a way of getting experience with
neat applications I can highlight in articles and appnotes,
showing the relative excellence of the board to industry. So I
won't pull my sponsorship because you choose someone else's
products (as long as you tolerate me making mentions of mine
when I think appropriate as I should be able to as also a


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> From: Rodent [mailto:daweasel at swbell.net]
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> I think official club decisions ought to come from
> Jeff, since it can affect
> our relationship with supportive vendors.
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