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[DPRG] **** informal one on one Robot "Workshop's" this Sunday ****

Subject: [DPRG] **** informal one on one Robot "Workshop's" this Sunday ****
From: Brian Merritt brianlee at dallas.net
Date: Mon Feb 10 15:30:01 CST 2003

For anyone who is interested, Jeff, Frank, Vicki and I will be showing
our robots this Sunday the 16th at the Science Place at Dallas Fair
Park.  This is in support of National Engineer's Week.  While we can't
hold a formal workshop, since we need to answer the questions of anyone
that comes up, we will probably have plenty of time to answer questions
and give advice one on one to any beginner or interested party who wants
to come by.  Since there will be four of us there for four hours we
should have lots of spare time to answer questions and explain our
robots, that we will have on hand.  This may actually be a better format
than a formal workshop since we will be able to focus on the specific
questions and areas of interest that you have.  I encourage anyone who
is interested to stop by the Science Place anytime between 12pm and 4pm
this Sunday the 16th.  You don't even have to be a DPRG member since the
National Engineer's Week event is open to the public.  Jeff Koenig
thinks that he can get DPRG members in free, so if you are sure you will
attend send him an email so he can add you to the list.  You may also be
able to get in free if you just tell them at the door.
These one on one sessions are not intended to replace the efforts of
anyone that plans to hold workshops.  I support the efforts of anyone
else who wants to help the group.  I just thought since we would be
there anyway this would provide another opportunity for people to get
some help or ideas for their robots projects
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