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[DPRG] My Robot

Subject: [DPRG] My Robot
From: Daryl Gallatin dgall723 at mail.dal.devry.edu
Date: Tue Feb 11 15:22:01 CST 2003

I was drinking root beer as I read your last line and almost spit it out
Thats what I am hoping DOESN'T 
happen at my presentation

>>> Rodent <daweasel at swbell.net> 02/11/03 15:05 PM >>>
...and no amount of planning beats dumb luck!

And don't forget the most-uttered line at RoboRama:

"But it worked last night at the house!"


> A few things I learned
> Don't build your on IR sensor. The IR sensors and detectors from Radio
Shack  suck
> I'm borrowing an optical sensor from a teacher instead
> And
> Never underestimate your own stoopidity

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