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[DPRG] wall following

Subject: [DPRG] wall following
From: tester140 at juno.com tester140 at juno.com
Date: Wed Feb 26 16:16:08 CST 2003

Wall following is a skill that would allow a robot to operate in multible
and changing environments. Isn't the firefighting course different in
contest as far as room and wall layout?

Charlie Youngblood
DPRG Librarian

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>From: "Frank & Gail Elia" <elia_frank at hotmail.com>

I agree with Karim. Wall following is a good skill for your robot to
Robots like Blip run a beautiful wall following course, but there is no
to reward Blip and his builder (of course blip does have an odd sense of 
humor, it might just knock down a wall or two for the heck of it)since
following is inherently a slower - but skilled - approached to T time or 
quick trip.

But of course, blip would need shrink a bit to run table top.


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