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[DPRG] Where to get steel for a Sumo Ring?

Subject: [DPRG] Where to get steel for a Sumo Ring?
From: LJGeib at aol.com LJGeib at aol.com
Date: Fri Feb 28 09:32:00 CST 2003

look here-  <A HREF="http://www.nwrst.com/rules.html#ch2">http://www.nwrst.com/rules.html#ch2</A>  this is a direct port in 
english from the current Japanese rules

A dohyo is a cylinder with a height of 5 cm (2 in.) and a diameter of 154 cm 
(60-5/8 in.), consisting of aluminum base and black, steel sheet metal on 
The top surface is a 154 cm (60-5/8 in.) diameter, cold-rolled steel sheet 
(ASTM A366) with a thickness of 3.2 mm (1/8 in.). The surface will be flat 
and smooth using a non-glossy black Melamine coating that was baked on at 130 
degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. 

good luck with the melamine part. I had no luck with this - the widest sheets 
I could find were 30" and will punt to a two part plyurethane paint, which 
should be at least as tough. there is apparently a melamine paint available 
>from canadian sources, but I found no one here with experience with this.


In a message dated 2/28/03 7:21:38 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
slugmusk at linuxlegend.com writes:

> So, is it a rule, like the distance between basepaths, or is it a 
> convention, just the size everyone uses?
> I'm just curious. In either case, it would still be best to use the same 
> thickness, but if it's a rule and the rule says 1/8 inch, then one must 
> use 10 ga sheet, which is actually .1345 inches thick and 5.625 pounds 
> per square foot, making a 5'1" disk to be 114.9 pounds.

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