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[DPRG] Rule Discrepancy

Subject: [DPRG] Rule Discrepancy
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at attbi.com
Date: Fri Feb 28 22:14:11 CST 2003

We do have some descrepencies, the Roborama course is actually dark slate
grey with a bit of a shiny sheen to it, it is not black. Plays heck with
cadmium sulfide photocells, unless you use a ADC like David Anderson does to
dynamically learn the color differences.
Also we used to use black carpet, but now we use photographic backdrop
paper, but a lot of the older contests show the carpeting, and that could
confuse people.
We also need to ensure that the "shiny" green tape doesn't make it onto the
course again. And we need to line up the walls with the white tape markers
as well, although that's less of a problem.

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Subject: [DPRG] Rule Discrepancy

I know these things always seem to come up right before a competition, but
one of our potential out-of-state competitors has pointed out the tabletop
Type A / Type B line following course as shown in various photos does not
match the course as shown in the rules. Specifically




In the interim I have advised him the current course is as shown in the
photo and he should program his robot accordingly. In the mean time, we
probably need to look into getting things corrected.


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