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[DPRG] Warehouse update and spare parts

Subject: [DPRG] Warehouse update and spare parts
From: Frank & Gail Elia elia_frank at hotmail.com
Date: Sat Jun 7 13:45:02 CDT 2003

Actually, Vicki is ultimately responsible since the computer I brought in 
was one of many her ex-employer donated. The aquarium, zoo, discovery 
gardens, hall of state, african american museum all benefited and there were 
still a few to go around!

Re swap meet, there is quite a pile of stuff (hey one person's junk is 
another person's treasure) at the warehouse that people have brought in. 
It's a selfserve (and selfserving) swap meet. I also brought in a bunch of 
common value capacitors and plan to bring in resistors, transistors, leds, 
ics, etc. to help people get started with some common components. Any 
donations would be greatly appreciated.


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