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[DPRG] Re: FRS Radios

Subject: [DPRG] Re: FRS Radios
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Tue Jun 10 20:44:01 CDT 2003

Dang, I better keep an eye out for them black helicopters and put on my
aluminum foil deflector beanie.

If you dig way back to the beginning of this thread, we were exploring the
various options for inexpensive wireless data transmission. Someone
mentioned the free after rebate FRS units at Fry's and I mentioned these GPS
/ FRS units and could transmit data GPS. We were already aware of the legal
issues, and I don't think any of us said, "hey, its illegal, but what the

Have you ever participated in a brainstorming session? Part of the reason
they are so successful is that every idea imaginable is thrown out on the
table, no matter how silly. Once you run out of ideas, you weed out the bad
ones and go with what looks like it will work.

----- Original Message -----

> In fact, the rino transmits on the GMRS service. licenses cost 75 dollars
> five years.
> see: http://wireless.fcc.gov/services/personal/generalmobile/
>  If you check the FCC site, the other party MUST be a relative or
employee. This
> is from the FCC, the only source that counts. If someone else makes a
> claim, be sure it is incorrect.
> All this implies that Garmin is misrepresenting the device by even using
> word 'friends' on its website.
> Stay on the safe side of the law and stick to a commercial product or get
a ham
> license. It is only a written test that any roboteer should be able to
>  Rodent wrote:
> > Not true. Garmin sells FRS radios with a built-in GPS receiver that can
> > transmit its position to another FRS / GPS unit. See
> > http://www.garmin.com/products/rino/ in case you doubt it.
> >
> > ----- Original Message -----
> >
> > > It is flat out illegal to transmit anything except voice on an FRS
> > DO
> > > NOT DO IT. (sorry for the shouting) If you want to control a robot by
> > radio
> > > you either use the commercial radio links, or get your Amature
> > > leval liscence. You will then be able to use radios on 70cm, 2 meter,
or 6
> > > meter bands. There are sections of the band plans for all of them that
> > > intended for use with radio control. The tech liscence is very easy to
> > get.
> > > Go to Fry's and get the study guide, work through it a few times, and
> > > take the test.

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