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[DPRG] air conditioner

Subject: [DPRG] air conditioner
From: R. Steven Rainwater srainwater at ncc.com
Date: Thu Jun 12 15:13:00 CDT 2003

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003 14:55:29 -0500, Bill Boyer wrote:
>If you install too small a unit, it will run constantly
>or cycle on and off too much and eat up alot of power.
>> My general take on it is that anything will be better 
>> than the steam room we were in last tuesday.
>> Are you suggesting we go after a larger unit?

Yeah, it wouldn't hurt to do some calculations first and
make sure we get something big enough to cool the room. I've
got some rule-of-thumb type formulas around here somewhere
that we've used to spec A/C units for our client's server

Another option would be get someone to come out and give
us an estimate on what it would cost to get the existing
central A/C system working again. Probably not cheap but
it can't hurt to get a quote.


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